A Whole New Ball Game

Follow-up Interview:  A Whole New Ball Game


Miller Personnel Consulting deals directly with the hiring Managers of our Clients, and I always like to remind candidates to go into a follow-up interview / discussion on the basis of treating things as a “whole new ball game,” and not to go in with any assumptions


I’m not suggesting that you set aside the conversation you had during the first interview, with the person who would likely be your direct manager.  That said, this next conversation is where you could win the game!


Be prepared in case the National Manager, takes the “hard sell / hard-to-please” approach and ask:  “Why does this type of job / industry interest you?” or  “What do you feel you bring to the table that another candidate doesn’t?”


In any case, I think you will find the interview with the National Manger to be equally as conversational as it was with the Regional Manager.  A recent hire (Feb 2017) of a client suggests, “Just be confident and enthusiastic.  The National Manager is very energetic and friendly.  Have fun with it.”


From my working relationship as my Clients’ exclusive recruiter for certain opportunities, here are some reminders from an earlier topic:


Remember to be a good listener and to answer questions as directly as possible.  Nothing wrong with stating “no” if you haven’t had experience in something.  If you feel that you have picked things up quickly with procedural or program changes posed by an employer, adapted well to dealing with new products, or a new approach to selling your company’s products, now is a good time to make your interviewers are aware of that.


Reminder to stay positive throughout the interview, and not to be too critical of any employment you’ve had, including tough to deal with former bosses, working atmosphere and/or environment.  Our Clients had of course nothing to do with your former employers and any issues with them, and they do not want to hire someone with a “chip on their shoulder” or who might bring a negative attitude to their company.


Always keep in mind that the employers today look for TEAM PLAYERS, and people who can Multi-Task, and who will go the extra mile to get the job done.  It’s good to let Brian and Bob know that you are the kind of person who puts in the time necessary on a regular basis to complete a job, or as is commonly stated, “to get the job done.” 


Needing a good neutral conclusion here.