Interview Tips and Reminders - LM



Much of what is included here are simple reminders about interviewing.  Some of this information is really basic and is something we would take for granted.  Some tips below will apply, some will not.  Many of these tips are things you no doubt have heard and/or experienced directly in interviews you’ve been on. 


If you are generally comfortable in interviewing situations, it’s best to let your feelings come out as you naturally wood.  Overwhelmingly, our candidates come away from the interview as though is was a “chat session” with Managers who are comfortable to speak with.


One thing going for you is that there is limited competition - numbers-wise - for this opportunity.  But it’s always good of course to think of there being strong competition.  My approach is to always screen very tightly, and only present candidates whom I feel have a very good shot at a position.


Follow-up “thank you” email


I cannot stress enough the importance of the follow up email to our client Company, and that’s why I like to discuss this upfront.


If you have interest in pursuing this position, like most employers, our Client is a company that appreciates a “thank you” follow-up e-mail as soon as you are able to put a good one together.  Especially for a sales/customer service type of position, the hiring Managers may view your follow-up as an indication of how you would get back to a customer after a meeting.


Your follow up does not have to be lengthyJust use your best judgment and of course, check spelling (including the Company’s name) and grammar  I am always very willing to offer suggestions and to help critique any kind of correspondence to an employer, and this is something I have done thousands of times in my 40+ years in recruiting.


What to bring


You should take a portfolio / folder to the interview that would include:




What to wear


Although the hiring Managers are likely to be dressed in business casual, khakis and a polo or button-down shirt, you will want to be dressed more formally.  For the men, your attire for the interview would include a coat and a tie, or perhaps a suit.  For the woman, a blazer and conservative dress or slacks/top is best.


Avoid obvious “bling” sort of jewelry in any interview situation.


For the men who have beards, we recommend conservative grooming.



Stay focused


You will have about a 1-hour private interview, so manage your time wisely.   Be as clear as you can be in your responses, and make sure you are responding to the questions asked without going off too far on a tangent.   


Be a good listener throughout the interview process.  Along with that idea:  keep good eye contact at all times.  Also, make sure that your non-verbal signs of communication indicate to the employer your degree of interest.


Be prepared to talk about yourself


Be prepared to provide your strengths, and weaknesses or areas you can improve upon.


Be prepared to provide the accomplishments you feel best about thus far in your career, and in your personal life.



Always keep in mind that the employers today look for TEAM PLAYERS, and people who can Multi-Task, and who will go the extra mile to get the job done.  It’s good to let the hiring Managers know that you are the kind of person who puts in the time necessary on a regular basis to complete a job, or as is commonly stated, “to get the job done.”




Don’t be too critical


Remember to stay positive throughout the interview, and not to be too critical of any employment you’ve had, including tough to deal with former bosses, or working environments.  Our Clients, of course,  had nothing to do with your former employers or any issues with them, and they do not want to hire someone with a “chip on his/her shoulder” or who might bring a negative attitude to their company.



To be completely honest


Sometimes I hear a candidate say, “To be completely honest with you.”    Just remember that if you say something like that, it may tell the person that you aren’t being totally up front and honest about other information you are providing.  So keep that in mind, and think of another way of presenting what you have to say. 


Closing out the interview


If you are interested in pursuing an opportunity with our Client, it’s likely that the other Candidates will also be very interested.  Closing out the interview for a position is not the time to be shy.  Basically, if you have interest in pursuing this opportunity, make sure you have planted that impression deep in the employer’s mind.


Here are some close out ideas:



“Thank you for the time you have spent with me today.”


”I am very interested in this opportunity to work for your company.


”I am confident that I could fit in very well with your team,” or “I feel good about working together.”  



Social Media


As part of their background check of candidates, like many employers in today’s business world perform a social media check (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), and we’ve been seeing more and more employers implementing this as a part of their overall interviewing and hiring process.  


We suggest you give your social media websites a thorough review.  Think back about sites that you may have used as a student.  You want your social media posts to reflect the professional that you are. 


If you have any posts which could be viewed in a “questionable” or “derogatory” manner as far as:  photos, language, “locker room humor,” etc, best these posts are removed, keeping in mind that friends or colleagues may have passed along/posted material which you may have overlooked or forgot to remove.


Better yet, you may want to keep your platforms private – and check the privacy settings.



Researching our Clients


Any research you can do before or after an interview on our Clients’ websites will be to your advantage. Visit a Facebook page if there is one. 



Best Closing Tips


As stated above, if you have interest in pursuing this opportunity, make sure you have left no doubt with the Hiring Managers as to your thoughts about moving forward before you have left the interview.  Closing out an interview is not the time to be shy,


Reminder about sending a follow-up/thank you e-mail if you have interest in pursuing this position.  I can assure you that our Clients value the follow-up very much.