A Classic: Sell me this pen

A Classic:  Sell me this pen


I’m not sure if this will come up in the interview, but it is a classic scenario that Managers everywhere have used.


This situation, of course, is to see how you might handle a customer’s request for information about a product.  This can also be a way for the employer to see if you already understand that by asking questions, you can determine a lot about a customer’s needs, and then direct certain products to them. 


Some questions could be:  


  1. How or how often would you use the pen? 
  2. Why would specific qualities are you looking for in your pen? 
  3. Who would use this pen in your company? 
  4. How many pens would you need?
  5. Was there something that you didn’t like about your old pen?
  6. What colors of pen are you likely to use?


This sort of needs analysis could easily apply to an interview setting.   Find out what Manager’s needs in his next new employee!